Remarks by the Managing

Remarks by the Managing Director Govind Uttamchandani

Steering ambition to reality.
"To rest on past glories has never been our way to function here at SSK. We are a company that is insistently ambitious and obsessively innovative. And as we endeavor to make our presence felt across all markets, we take strides in new ventures and take up new challenges daily.
Our next big deal is in the field of lights are - LED light to be precise. This novel lighting technology has completely reformed the traditional lighting industry with its promise to illuminate the future. SSK Group takes this opportunity to start a revolution in the lighting industries by launching them as a flagship product creating a stir in the market and by lighting up the minds of not just the dealers and distributors but also the end consumer".

From the Desk of the Director Rajesh Uttamchandani

Dreams create possibilities.
"Our aim to grow and our determination to be the best in the market have led us to introduce our very own range of products in the semiconductor lighting industry. LED lights, with its three outstanding features - high efficiency and energy saving, green and environment friendly, long service life. They now stand at the frontier of the high energy consuming 21st century, declaring that the fourth reform in lighting has come.
We are dedicated to build SSK Led Lights as the premier brand in green lighting and optoelectronic industry. Based on the increasing market needs and trends our products stand to serve both indoor as well as outdoor lighting purposes. Our dedication helps us keep with the current market and provides the consumer with lasting solutions."